Thursday, September 29, 2011


Andrew Dodd at the Drum had this to say about the Federal court ruling against Andrew Bolt and the Herald Sun on a racial discrimination case brought by a group of prominent fair skinned Aborigines that Bolt accused of claiming Aboriginality to advance their careers:
“No doubt the Federal Court would like us to see its judgment against columnist Andrew Bolt today as a call for decent standards in journalism, rather than as a landmark ruling against freedom of speech.
But in reality it will not be seen that way because it is a slap in the face for free expression. It limits the kinds of things we can discuss in public and it suggests there are lots of taboo areas where only the meekest forms of reporting would be legally acceptable”.

Monday, September 26, 2011


The following link compares life cycle emissions for the use of natural gas and coal in the US:

In particular look at fig 4 and 8.  Fig 4 suggests that, for the LNG cycle, at least 0.3 tonnes of emissions will come from non emission sources per tonne combustion emissions with about half this coming from LNG production, tanker transport and regasification.

While these figures are all about US alternatives, they clearly emphasize the importance of challenging the gas industry to publish site specific data.  Also suggests that there is lots to be said for locating generators close to the gas source.

Would be interesting to compare life cycle emissions from Australian LNG and coal used in Chinese power stations.