Saturday, March 30, 2013


This post is based on an article of mine, “Methanol electro fuel: A transport game changer” published in RenewEconomy on 12/3/13.  It has been expanded to include more discussion on other renewable, low impact fuels and the extraction of CO2 from air and water.  Briefly:
The renewable, low impact fuels described in this post can be produced in sufficient quantities to replace all fossil fuel requirements using commercially proven processes.  All these renewable products are low impact because, unlike many bio-fuels, their production doesn’t require the diversion of land from food production, or damage to the environment. With the exception of hydrogen they could all be handled using existing gasoline, diesel or LPG infrastructure.  Ammonia and methanol can replace LPG or gasoline after minor engine adjustments.
These renewable fuels are game changers.  They provide an essential part of any credible plan for 100% renewable transport.  As a result we don’t have to choose between 100% renewable transport vs destroying the economy, starving the poor or forgoing overseas travel.
Renewable hydrogen, methanol and ammonia can also be used to convert the production of a wide range of metals and chemicals to 100% renewable.