Thursday, August 25, 2016

Moggill Rd Congestion Study

What follows is a study I made some time ago into low cost ways of reducing congestion along Moggill Rd, a key through road that goes through Kenmore Brisbane near where I live.  The study is of general interest because many of the identified problems and solutions are applicable for a wide range of urban situations.

Is Harassing the Unemployed Justified

A key feature of the government’s approach to unemployment is the constant vilifying and harassing of the unemployed.  It may be a good strategy for diverting attention from government stuff-ups and appealing to voters darker side but there are no signs that it is reducing real unemployment , creating jobs, preparing people for more productive work or helping to share the available work in a fairer way.

Switching to public transport may be harder than you think

“Increase the use of public transport”  is an easy response to Brisbane’s transport problems.   However, once I realized that only 10% of car commutes went to the CBD the picture became more complex. Public and active transport was no longer the answer to everything.

Monday, February 15, 2016


Container transport results in a lot of containers ending up in places where shipping them empty to somewhere where they will be needed costs too much to be worthwhile.  One result has been the development of "container houses".  (Google “Container Houses Australia” and you can come up with something like 2 million hits."

Monday, January 11, 2016


This started off as a note about reducing public transport fares. However, once I started to put together the data needed to estimate what some of the proposals were going to cost the picture became more complex. Up till then I thought that, because about 65% of commutes used cars as their main method of travel to work there was plenty of scope for reducing transport emissions and congestion by getting most of these commuters to switch to public or active transport.